Thursday, November 16, 2017

12 days of Christmas sampler

After the recent retreat I went on, I returned home a little under the weather, possibly due to the extra brackets added to my brace which irritated my mouth. So instead of ruining a big sewing project I decided to work on a Crosstitch project.

I was so pleased to actually finish the 12 days of Christmas sampler and it is now ready to take to the framers. Are usually choose a simple frame but wonder if something more ornate and painted red might be more suitable.

It's now time to work on the November block for the once upon a time sampler.

Boxy pocket pouch

Thus a project by Aneela Howy from her book "stitched sewing organisers" I thought I had followed the instructions to the letter but apparently not as in the final making up I had to use a 3/4" seam to catch the pockets in the seam allowance.

There is a pincushion with the project so I used some of the crushed wZlnuts and lavender from Carol, which was a gift at a recent retreat.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Knitvent 2017

I get terrible FOMO when I see new knitting or  quilting patterns released. I was determined not to buy the Knitvent pattern collection this year as last year I only knit 1 of the 4/5 patterns in the collection. I resisted until I saw the first pattern release. The land of sweets Cowl by Helen Stewart is designed for a yarn advent calendar with 24 mini skeins of yarn. I immediately decided to do the pattern using the leftover yarn from my what the fade! shawl.

I print the pattern in booklet form which makes it easy to slip into my kniting bag. I then formulated a plan to fade from one colour to the other. However I didn't have as much of the sunset yarn by Kate Selene as I perhaps needed. I've therefore just guessed how much I could get done with that yarn and then striped it into the next yarn. So there will be a little bit more of colour C by Lone Star Arts than I had planned. This is going to be a perfect project to take to my quilting group tomorrow morning. So far I am at 43% complete. I think the newest pattern in the collection may be released today or tomorrow.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Stitched sewing organisers

And it's already week 4 of the sewalong based on Aneela Hoey's book. I have made this box in the same fabric as last week's bag and week 2's tomato pin cushion

Monday, October 30, 2017

Honey badger socks

Hooray I finished my honey badger socks using stranded dye works oasis base in fingering weight in the colour frost bite. Unusually the socks were knit cuff down and when I tried them on I found the cuff a little unyielding. So once I had kitchenerstitched the toes, I unpicked the cast on and did a stretchy bind off.

I am waiting impatiently for a delivery of fabric so that I can cut some blocks ready to take to the simply solids retreat this coming Friday. I am nervous that the delivery won't arrive and I will have to sort out a completely different project to take with me.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Once upon a time sampler – October

The end is in sight for the sampler. I have finished the October block and although there is little work already done on the November block, the December block is half done. I am not sure even what fairytale is the pictured in the mid-November block!

This project will now be put away until next month and I will try and finish my honey badger socks before the end of the month. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Stitched sewing organisers

I love a good sewalong but dithered about joining this one based on the book by Aneela Hoey. My friend Jane offered to purchase the book for my birthday but I decided on another book so I only bought the book just before the sewalong started. There have been two projects to complete so far. The first was the handy fold up pouch and the second which I completed on Sunday was the green tomato pincushion.

I sewed the handy fold up pouch in the fabrics that I used for Lizzie's going to university quilt. I am not sure what she will use it for but it might be useful to pop in to a handbag if she ever used one!

This week's project was the green tomato pincushion. Mine looks more like a flat peach! I used some Tula Pink fabric and a scrap of felt from a felt kit. This project was very fiddly for something so small.

This week's project is the project tote. I have chosen some Essex dyed linen and Alison glass fabric and ordered the interfacing needed from sew hot. My order should have been dispatched on Monday and I have photocopied the pattern ready for when it arrives.

Progress on honey badger socks

I wound a skein of frost bite yarn by stranded dye works' Amy on her oasis base ready for our week in Spain. I had spent the previous week finishing my what the fade!? Shawl.  Unfortunately that has left me with an inflamed bursa in my shoulder. My physiotherapist has advised that I take it easy with my knitting.

I did very little knitting on the socks during our week in Spain but I have made steady progress with them since our return. My plan this week is to do one pattern repeat each day so as not to aggravate my shoulder but hopefully it should be enough to finish the pair of socks this month.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

12 days of Christmas sampler

I'm getting excited to see this sampler finished. I have now finished seven blocks out of 12 and the border is also complete. I should have it finished for Christmas 2017.

I did take this project on holiday to Spain with me, however we went sightseeing for eight or nine hours a day and by the time we got back to the hotels, we were ready for bed. I started block 12 after finishing the border and had most of the hat done. So I worked on this one on Monday.

Block six was also almost complete and I only really had the nest and some details to finish. Now I have finished one block for last week and one for this week, it is being put in storage and I am going to work on the once upon a time sampler block for October next.

Working on one project at a time at the moment and being focused on finishing one item is working for me. It may seem strange to put this sampler away after finishing just two blocks, however I prefer to do a small piece at a time and not get bored with the project I am working on. I am stitching the sampler one block per week and by my calculation I should be finished by the end of November which gives me time to have it framed for Christmas.