Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What at the fade!? Clue three

After a lovely three days in London including a trip to see loose women at ITV studios and a day at Kirstie's handmade fair, I was keen to get home and finish clue three of this shawl.

I have moved yarn B to yarn D. I think this is a big improvement and will mean that yarn C will now be next to yarn A and both contain orange and pink so should fade together better.

I now plan to work on some cross stitch until clue 4 is released on Thursday.

Monday, September 11, 2017

What the fade!? Clue two

It turns out the clue one of this mystery shawlnwas just a warmup. That was probably just as well as I am a beginner brioche knitter. In clue two we have used all six yarn choices. We have also done a lot of brioche knitting.

I have to confess to doing some unpicking however not as much as for clue one. We have now cut yarn C so it looks like we have some garter stitch in the future. Hooray!

I think yarn C would have been a better chance choice as yaron B however it has not being unpicked. Now it's time to cast on a pair of socks for some travel knitting on Friday.

Monday, September 04, 2017

What the fade clue one

The first clue of this mystery Knit along was released last Thursday. I had chosen my yarns from stash but was never entirely happy with yarn six. This clue uses four of the six yarn choices and I swapped out yarn 6.

This shawl was definitely a learning experience. It included brioche stitch and I started the shawl a total  of 10 times. Hopefully I have learnt a lot and the next clue will be less traumatic. Here is the front of the shawl which took me almost 3 days to complete.

And the reverse. I am hoping that the next clue has garter stitch or stocking stitch to make progress quicker.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What the fade?!

Andrea Mowry's newest pattern is what the fade?! which is being run as a mystery knit along. My so faded sweater also by Andrea is languishing as I made The sections too short so I have run out of colours. It is about to be ripped out.

I have at last chosen my yarns for this mystery fade along and they are as follows:
Lone Star arts arts in an unknown colour
Pinata by stranded dye works
Sun set by Kate Selene
Marie Antoinette by fondant fibre 
Garden party by life in the long grass
I am undecided about colour F which at the moment is purple pop fizzle by Kate Selene

The pattern includes brioche which is new to me and I wonder if that is where the colours transition. More will be revealed on Thursday! And every Thursday thereafter for a couple of months.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Once upon a time August 2017

I realised last month that there was a lot to do on the August block for this Crosstitch sampler. I took it out quite early in the month and this is how it looked.

It's amazing what you can achieve when you focus on only one project. I managed to finish the square in about three days. This block it represents the Bremen town musicians.

The September block represents Rapunzel and is already about 60% complete, so it should be, in theory, a quick finish.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jungle abstractions 3

After a mild panic where I thought I had lost a page of the pattern I photocopied some extra units that have not come out very well. This means that I have now sewn up units 1 to 36. I think it's looking great already. However I am finding Space the solid fabrics to be a little bit boring. So I feel I need to crack on with this otherwise it will become a UFO.

My progress on this might seem a little déjà vu as The unit that I finish this week is the mirror image of the unit of one of the units that I finished last week. I still need to so this weeks unit to last weeks unit and then to the nose. I will do that when I'm completing the blocks next week. I still need to do some photocopying of a few missing units. However I think progress so far is good and you can all ready see that it is a lion.

The finished quilt is 60 in.² and and I am very pleased that it fits on my design wall as there are over 120 individual units is to complete. For the smaller units I will use my portable design boards. So with 36 units completed out of 120+ I am a quarter of the way down.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Jungle abstractions 2

With my daughter away this week I have been able to complete units 16 to 23 and sew them all together. It is starting to come together. This is the largest portion of the quilt which is vaguely divided up into four portions.

And here are two portions of the quilt sewn together.

Next week I will work on blocks 26 to 36 and finish the  mirror image of this block to the side of the lion's mouth. I have found the wonder clips to be very useful when sewing the units together. Next I need to check what parts of the pattern need to be copied again as it is printed on paper which is slightly larger than A3.